About SAS

About SAS

Simply put, our goal is to provide a caring home and education for young people in Limuru, Kenya in sufficient numbers to improve the economic prospects for the entire community.

SAS Children’s Centre

Since 2013, the SAS Children’s Centre has been providing a loving, nurturing home for children of Limuru, Kenya who are orphaned or in need of a safe haven. Many of the children we serve are AIDS orphans or victims of abuse. Learn more >

SAS Scholarship Program

Since 2008, the SAS Scholarship Program has been providing the funds needed for bright, hard-working students from Limuru, Kenya to attend secondary school. Only primary school is free in Kenya, but a high school education is imperative to rise out of poverty. Learn more >

Why Kenya?

We believe that there are no boundaries when it comes to helping children in need. The world is only as strong as its weakest link. The children the SAS Foundation serves are the poorest of the poor, homeless, helpless, and sometimes abused. SAS provides the most basic of human needs—a safe place to live, food, healthcare, and education. With your help, we seek to strengthen the links that hold us all together.


SAS Children’s Centre is located at Gichungo Village, Ndeiya sub-location, Limuru, Kiambu county, Kenya. We welcome your visit!