Bounty from the Shamba

Visitors to the SAS children’s Centre always comment on the delicious food! This is due in part to the Centre’s working farm. Their crops and farm animals provide healthy, local food for the children and staff members. Chickens, 3 cows, rabbits, and an occasional pig are raised, and their products are either used at the Children’s Centre or sold off. The chickens, eggs, and milk that are consumed at the Children’s Centre are largely produced right there on their farm.

Produce is also grown at the Centre. The kale, tomatoes, beans, potatoes, onions, and peppers that are eaten are largely produced in the Centre’s shamba, the family garden plot that most Kenyans maintain. The kids pitch in to help cultivate and harvest at the shamba, allowing them to participate in an experience common to most Kenyans. A well completed in 2017 ensures adequate irrigation in times of drought. This all helps to provide a nutritious and delicious table for our family!