Letters from Limuru


Now that our high school kids are back at their secondary schools, they are sending letters home to their SAS family. For SAS kids, family includes all of you who support them! We thought you’d enjoy meeting 6 of these wonderful children and reading excerpts from their letters.

Mary is in third form (third year of high school) and is an orphan. She would love to be a teacher. Her letter begins, “How are you my donors? I hope you are fine and healthy. I thank God for your existence and the support you make in my life.”

Hannah came to the Children’s Centre because her family is so poor, they were unable to care for her. She writes, “The main aim of me writing this letter to you is to appreciate and thank you for everything you have provided for me. Actually, if it were not for your support and God’s care, I would not have been who I am today. I take this opportunity to humbly thank you and pray that God will keep you long and safe.”

Pauline is in first form. After her mother died, she experienced physical abuse from her father, who has a psychotic disorder, before coming to SAS. She would love to be a surgeon. “For sure you have changed my life. For sure most of the people in this world are not capable of doing what you have done for us. I take this opportunity to thank you all.”

Joseph’s mother died of AIDS-related complications. His grandmother is suffering from a stomach tumor and unable to care for him. He would love to be a vocational entrepreneur in electricity, plumbing, and masonry. He writes, “For real if it was not for you, I know that my life and others would be without hope to succeed.”

Kelvin is in first form. He had no schooling before coming to SAS. Today he is the best in mathematics in his class. “My promise to you is that I will never let you down.”

Hannah adds, “I personally promise to work hard and smart in my studies so that at the end I will be back to help society.”

Our last letter is from Maria, who was abandoned by her mother at a young age. Her extended family rejected her and a well-wisher alerted SAS about her. She would love to be a teacher or a pediatrician. She says, “For me, I believe that if you make somebody or something better than it was, you are already a hero. For me, you are my hero.”

Thanks for being heroes to these children!