Moving On and Up

Two of the children who were among the first to come to the SAS Children’s Centre have graduated from high school and passed their exams with flying colors!

Simon and James hope to enter college in the fall: Simon to study electrical engineering and James to study general engineering. They are now working with a career guide to help them select and apply schools. We are so proud of them! They join 7 students from the SAS Scholarship Program who are already attending colleges and universities.

Seven children have also sat for their Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education and will soon move on to boarding schools to begin their secondary school years. Many are outstanding students, excelling in subjects such as math and debate or noted for their leadership abilities. The SAS Foundation will provide tuition, room and board, books, uniforms, and fees for a total of 15 SAS children in secondary school this year. These students join 7 local students from the SAS Scholarship Program who attend secondary school.

The academic success and personal development of all our children is a testament to the love and car the Children’s Centre provides. Thanks to all our supporters for helping make this happen!