Susan Visits SAS Children’s Centre

In March of 2016, Susan travelled to the SAS Children’s Centre in Limuru to meet the children and staff.  Susan found that the Children’s Centre had become everything we had hoped and dreamed—the children are happy and well-cared for, the staff is terrific (as is Salome’s cooking!) and the facilities are bright and cheerful.  Susan visited with some of the secondary school and university Scholarship Program students to talk about their progress and future plans.

During this visit, Susan also met with the SAS Board to discuss finances, including an expansion of the dairy farming operation.   Plans for digging a well were put on hold so that the existing funds for capital improvements could be used to build pens for additional cows and to purchase the cattle once construction is completed.  The Board planned to meet again in the summer when Charlie is expected to visit to assess this and other projects.  Susan left Kenya satisfied that SAS was on its way to making the Children’s Home and scholarship program a more self-sustaining and well-funded enterprise.